About DNAdigest

Disease GeneEmpowering efficient access and sharing of genomics data for the benefit of patients.

The objectives of DNAdigest are to educate, facilitate and engage on issues regarding access to genomic data. We are a non-profit organisation founded in Cambridge. We are a community of individuals from diverse backgrounds who all want to see data used to its full potential for the benefit of patients.

Four Aims:

  • Our objective is to promote and facilitate publishing and sharing of genomic data.
  • We support accessible, reproducible and citable research.
  • We pledge to secure the privacy and confidentiality of information related to individuals contributing their data to research.
  • Our aim is to facilitate sharing of genomics data, to connect researchers with the results they need to power the interpretation of genomic variation.
  • We actively engage in collaborations with stakeholders in both academia and industry as well as with the patients who consent the usage of their data for research.

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