DNAdigest new year’s resolution 2017

Since DNAdigest was founded in 2013, we have been working tirelessly to promote best practices for data sharing in genetics/genomics research through events, online communication and research publications.
It is a new year with new challenges and DNAdigest has made a new year’s resolution to:
– restructure our organisation of volunteers
– make DNAdigest more transparent
– introduce new activities and events to increase our impact and reach in the genetics/genomics research community.


In this post:



DNAdigest activities

Since DNAdigest was founded in 2013, we have been working tirelessly to promote best practices for data sharing in genetics/genomics research through events, online communication and research publications. The activities and events have been decided mostly adhoc by the active volunteers and varied depending on their availability and commitment. Our 2017 resolution is to make more transparent our goals, activities, organisation and roles for volunteers so it will be easier for interested individuals to contribute and become part of the growing family of DNAdigest.


Also as a part of our 2017 resolution we are introducing new activities related to science communication, the first being the publication of the book Perfect DNA by Manuel Corpas. The ethical implications of DNA sequencing and genetic interpretation is relevant not only for patients but increasingly for the general population as part of the integration of genomics in healthcare. In this book, Manuel Corpas explores some of the potential future ethical and medical implications of genetic testing.


We continue to conduct our very popular interviews with people behind prominent genomic data sharing projects and activities from all around the world. Our volunteers have interviewed Genomics England, Big Data 2 Knowledge (BD2K), as well as individual research projects and companies that are supporting data sharing in the research community. Read more about our activities in 2016.


We run regular events as a mix of bigger public events like hackathons, symposia and workshops and smaller informal events like meetups with discussions, socialising and planning sessions for the DNAdigest volunteers. We are already brainstorming how to make our events of 2017 even more engaging and informative for the genetics research community (read our working document of DNAdigest activities 2017). We kick off this year by actively inviting volunteers to join us to contribute to setting the agenda for DNAdigest in 2017.


Call for volunteers


We would love to hear from you:
– if you would like to join a distributed and engaged core team of genetics/genomics research enthusiasts,
– if you have a passion for science communication, charity governance, fundraising or event planning,
– if you would like the opportunity to engage with top researchers and research organisations from around the world to learn about and promote best practices for data sharing, and
– if you can commit to a regular contribution for at least 3 months (as a volunteer) or a minimum contribution of average half a day a week (~4hrs/week) for at least 6 months (as a trustee of the charity).


Our volunteers and trustees benefit from:


– opportunity to interact with top genetics/genomics researchers as a representative from DNAdigest,
– gaining experience and building your skills in science communication, public engagement and charity governance,
– opportunities to participate in UK local as well as international events and conferences representing DNAdigest, e.g. as we have done for the past two years as media partners with the BioData congress UK,
– directly contributing to charitable volunteer work supporting research with great potential to benefit patients with cancer and genetic disease,
– acknowledgement on all materials that they contribute to (e.g. blog posts and scientific papers),
– acknowledgement on our website (on our new volunteers page of both current and past volunteers; coming soon!)



Looking forward to see you in 2017 as a volunteer, contributor or an attendee at our events. This year will be what we make of it, let’s make it amazing!


Kind regards,


Fiona Nielsen
Founding trustee and CEO

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