DNAdigest workshop in Hong Kong

On the 26th of October, DNAdigest will co-organise a workshop called “How do I find human genomics data to power my research?” in Hong Kong. Fiona Nielsen, CEO and founder, will share our latest findings from the world of genomic data sharing and present several approaches for accessing data and practising Open Science.

The workshop is organised by GigaScience, MakerBay, Repositive, DNAdigest, OpenSNP, and Open Data Hong Kong.

You may be struggling to find the data that you need, the right type of data, or sufficient amounts of data. However, there are plenty of data sources out there, if you only know how to find them. In this workshop we will demonstrate a number of ways of searching for, finding and accessing human genomics data that has been consented for research use. We will also discuss how data that you have in your lab can be made as useful as possibly for yourself and your colleagues, and how this data may be the starting point for finding your next research collaboration.
Representatives of Repositive, OpenSNP, China National Genebank and GigaScience will provide hands-on training on using their tools and accessing data resources such as openSNP, 1000 Genomes, Global Alliance Beacons and GigaDB.

There will also be a second event on the same day in the evening, called “ODHK.meet.32: Hacking the Human Genome”. It will be addressed to more general public interested in genomics and what they personally can learn from sequencing their own DNA.

A new generation of tools and platforms such as OpenSNP and promethease are democratising access, citizens are crowdfunding their own projects, and genomic apps are even appearing on the market. For interested potential “genome hackers” we have a number of people at the forefront of this open genomics revolution presenting at this meetup, including Fiona Nielsen of DNAdigest and Bastian Greshake of OpenSNP. We will cover the tools and resources any non-biologist hacker can get started with (R, python, bioconductor, and the databases you can find data). Demonstrating that the personal genomics era is already here, we’ll also have a prize draw so lucky participants can get their alcohol metabolism genes sequenced and presented through a fun new genomic app not yet on the market.
We will address questions such as:
What questions can you ask of your genetic data?
How much can you do as a citizen scientist, what activities are reserved for academic researchers?

Join us in Hong Kong if you are around and spread the word!

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