Frequently Asked Questions

What is “the genomic revolution”?

The genomic revolution is the change in healthcare and research that has been enabled by the development of DNA sequencing technologies and the sequencing of the human reference genome. The technologies for genome sequencing allow for identification and characterisation of genetic diseases based on genome sequence which again allows treatment to be personalised to the level of the individual genomic makeup of an individual.

Who/what is

We are a not-for-profit organisation established with the purpose of promoting and enabling open access to knowledge for the advancement of genomics research. We are registered as a charity in England and Wales with company registration number: 08585251  and charity registration number: 1154095. We operate a social enterprise subsidiary Nucleobase Ltd, company registration number: 08820538.

The social enterprise Repositive (formerly Nucleobase Ltd, company registration number: 08820538), used to be a subsidiary to DNAdigest, but was spun out as a separate company in August 2014 to enable fundraising by investment to develop a software platform to facilitate genomic data sharing. The Repositive team are still involved in DNAdigest by offering their efforts pro-bono to run DNAdigest activities. Read more about Repositive at

What do you offer?

DNAdigest organises workshops, hackathons, events and activities to promote efficient mechanisms for data sharing for genetics and we prototype new solution models to improve existing processes. Our focus is on inter-disciplinary collaborations to inspire new cross-sector solutions for data sharing.

Why are you doing this?

Access to genomics data is crucial for the advancement of research. Easier and faster access to genomics data will enable new diagnostics and treatment to be discovered faster and cheaper – for advancement of research, for the benefit of patients.

Can I deposit my data at DNAdigest?

No, we are not a data repository. We help the best we can to promote best practices for data sharing. If you are seeking a certain type of data repository to suit your needs, we can recommend having a look at for their list of biological databases.

Is DNAdigest a startup or a charity?

We are both: We started our operations in 2013 and we are a registered charity. The definition of startup varies, but since we do not (yet) have a stable source of income for DNAdigest, we will probably categorise as a startup for a while.

I have more questions! Who do I ask?

Get in touch and we will be happy to answer. You can email us at or use the contact form on our site.