For the ethical and efficient use of human genomic and healthcare data

Since DNAdigest was founded in 2013, we have been working tirelessly to promote best practices for data sharing in genetics/genomics research through events, online communication and research publications. Still today on many occasions data is not correctly acquired, stored or organized, invaluable data has been breached and many lost forever.

In 2019 we decided to get more involved, increase our commitment and synergize. We will be also on the field, helping other charities, companies, patient organizations, NGOs and governmental institutions on the whole process of establishing the data path and healthcare workflows from the patient onward and broker the data usage. We are now more committed than ever to empower patients and their families, assisting them and facilitating their access to the latest technologies and to a worldwide support network.

Come back in April for our new website or contact us in the meantime!
The DNAdigest board of  Directors

        Fiona Nielsen, founder Trustee and CEO 
        Prof. Rolando E. Rodriguez, Trustee.
        Dr. Nadia Kovalevskaya, Trustee.


e-mail : Prof. Rolando E. Rodriguez,  rolando@dnadigest.org
written enquiries may be sent to our company secretary Mrs Trina Hill at:

c/o BCS, Windsor House, Station Court, Station Road
Great Shelford, Cambridge CB22 5NE, United Kingdom

DNAdigest is a non-profit company limited by guarantee,
registered as a charity in the UK, with CRN 1154095