Integrating BioJS into Galaxy Hackathon

BioJS is an open source project for bioinformatics data on the web aiming to develop an open source library of JavaScript components to visualise biological data.

BioJS is a community of developers and scientists wishing to share, develop and reuse code. The community develops and maintains a JavaScript library for biological data visualisation.

The BioJS community started a partnership with DNAdigest in order to inderstand the needs, wants, and limitations of BioJS interfaces when applied to industry-based end users.

In collaboration with the DNAdigest team, BioJS offers an exciting opportunity for researchers, bioinformatics developers, SMEs, Big Pharma and for-profit organisations to attend a Galaxy Hackathon.

BioJS Hackathon

The event is part of the 1st BioJS annual conference and will be hosted by the Genome Analysis Centre, Norwich on the 4th of July this year. Reaching out to JavaScript developers that:

  • Would like to interactively visualise data in their Galaxy workflow
  • Are Galaxy developers and would like a BioJS component to be integrated in their workflow
  • Would like to use BioJS in the future and want to influence BioJS on decisions that are important to them
  • Tried BioJS in the past and things were too complicated
  • Love to design stuff that is of any biological relevance
  • Want to get involved in one of the coolest open source projects in the field!

BioJS and DNAdigest invite you to a day of doing cool “Bio” hacking.

You can find more details about the Hackathon and the conference and how to register here.

Stay tuned and visit closer to the date for more detailed schedule.

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