Hack Day April 5th summary

Hack Day hackers coding away
Engaged DNAdigest hackers

We are all really excited by how our hack day turned out this past weekend. The DNAdigest team and a handful of enthusiastic hackers from our last hack day organised a the event at the Wayra Academy in London with a focus on developing Data Discovery tools for genomics research.  Throughout the day we entered our notes and brainstorm sessions on the DNAdigest hackpad, starting from the schedule for the day to the group brainstorming to the data queries and data entry and notes about existing tools. See all the notes by viewing the collection of hackpad for the Hack Day April 5th.



Groups were working on the different aspects of data queries and data registration





First results of paper prototyping were presented between the groups





The excitement grew through the day as the paper prototypes were converted into code, exemplifying both UI and backend for a data discovery platform for genomics data. We are still busy committing all the code to the DNAdigest github repository for hack day scribbles. Join us for our next event to take part in futher developments!



Delicious lunch thanks to our sponsor GENEIX



The die-hard hackers finished the day with a bit of football


More pictures and all the tweets from the day are in our collection on Storify: DNAdigest Hack Day April


Big thanks to GENEIX for sponsoring this event!