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DNAdigest interviews

DNAdigest interviews CareAcross

Thanos Kosmidis, a technology and business professional, joined forces with his father, Paris Kosmidis, a medical oncologist with 40 years of clinical experience, to start CareAcross to help patients with cancer and their relatives....


The War Against Cancer

This is the second part of a guest blog post written by Dave Dubin. Read the first part here. Let’s see how far we’ve come… Since 2007, we have written, made appearances, and held...


DNA Digest Symposium 2014

DNA Digest’s Symposium/Workshop “Open Science in human genomics research – challenges and inspirations” You can sign up for the event here: http://dnadigestsym2014.eventbrite.co.uk Today, open sharing and easy access to DNA sequencing data from clinical samples...