Welcome to the Festival of Genomics

Festival of Genomics

Roll up, roll up…
and welcome to the
Festival of Genomics

Whether it’s storing, sharing or analysing, wrangling increasing amounts of data is crucial for unlocking the potential of genomics in science, medicine and in developing leading drugs and diagnostics. The Festival of Genomics in London is coming to London on the 19th – 21st of January 2016 and bringing with it a range of talks, workshops and streams to help confront and solve the current big challenges in bioinformatics, computational biology, data management, and policy.

The Festival of Genomics is a gathering of scientists, clinicians and business leaders who share a clear mission: to deliver the benefits of genomics to patients. From cracking cancer’s code to realising the potential of the genomic data revolution, Front Line Genomics has created a unique event to provide the insights and inspiration to drive your work forward.

The Festival of Genomics: 19th – 21st January 2016


The event boasts some very big names covering a wealth of topics, including:

Sharing data for personalised medicine

Talk by Niklas Blomberg, ELIXIR on data sharing for personalised medicine: Identify bottlenecks in data sharing and learn how to develop proposals to support researchers.


Workshop by Seven Bridges Genomics: Describing bioinformatics tools and workflows using Common Workflow Language (CWL). Learn how to use CWL, which aims to become the system to work with all other products and formats, present or future. Read more about Seven Bridges Genomics in our ‘The Shares’ Leaderboard blog post

Quality Control

Gain confidence in the interpretation of your sequencing datasets and learn to use a variety of QC programs to diagnose the most common failures for sequencing experiments. Workshop by The Babraham Institute.

Analysis of large sets

Challenges of staying at the bleeding edge of NGS analytics while scaling up pipelines: talk by Miika Ahdesmaki, AstraZeneca. Tools used in NGS analytics are published daily and old tools are constantly updated. Select the best of the latest tools and integrate them into production pipelines.

BIgBenReal life stories

Bissan Al Lazikni of the Institute of Cancer Research speaks on real experiences of powering innovative drug discovery using genomics for novel cancer target identification.

This is just a handful of what can be taken advantage of at the Festival. If your work or interest is broader, download the brochure and look through all six streams, 13 workshops and 89 sessions to see what’s on offer for you.

Want to get involved?

There are several ways for you to get involved with the UK’s First Genomics Festival!

Attend: A genomics gathering with a difference. Join over 800 scientists, clinicians and business leaders for the most exciting event in the calendar – register directly on the event website.

Become a speaker: Front Line Genomics would be happy to hear about your research stories, thoughts, and ideas on the festival.

Present a poster: Share your work with attendees, build connections and get insightful feedback.

Exhibit or sponsor: Take a booth, step up to a speaking slot, create a workshop or connect with your audience through our publications.

Tweet: Ahead of the festival, Front Line Genomics are asking the scientific community ‘what is your genomics wish for 2016’. Tweet them directly  @FLGenomics

Join a Webinar: If you can’t wait until January, why not see what insights Front Line Genomics will be sharing throughout December by signing up for some of their upcoming webinars.

DNAdigest is proud to be a media partner of Front Line Genomics for the Festival of Genomics, London.

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